Our Mission

Responsibly Made. Purposefully Created. 

We thought our mission was simple. We thought, “We’re going to join the fight in setting a new standard in the apparel industry. We are going to use strict, non-negotiable, standards that give us the least environmental impacts and the most positive humane impacts. And at the same time, we are going to be leaving a foot print that we can be proud of, on our country’s public lands, fish & wildlife."

It turns out, we probably would have been better off using this mission as a paid comedy act at corporate meetings. But the fact is, our standards are non negotiable. We believe profit margins should always be third behind our planet and fellow humans, and that’s what we will continue to strive for (sorry stockholders). 

We also believe in full transparency. We believe that if you buy a product from us, you’re partnering with us on our mission. As a partner, you should know everything we are doing to meet our sustainable & humane standards, so let’s dig deeper: 

To find out more about our environmental standards, check out Environmentally Responsible.
To find out more about our humane standards, check out Socially Responsible.
To find out more about the causes we donate to, check out One For The Land.